I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Judy Cooley for over 25 years. During this time, Judy’s extensive knowledge of confectionery formulation coupled with her team-oriented approach always yields successful results.
— VP Sales, Global Ingredient Company
Judy, it was a big blessing to have you here in Malawi 2016, November. You have left a great impact in the lives of the people here. You have enlightened many people including doctors and nurses in hospitals the importance of peanut butter. All your teachings will be put in practice now and in the future. We are looking forward for your return this year in 2017.
— Missionary, Malawi East Africa
Judy Cooley and I have worked together for more than 12 years. Judy chairs the committee that organizes PMCA’s signature event, the Annual Production Conference. She is an outstanding leader, working with a team of industry professionals to elevate and enhance the event which has helped it to be recognized as one of the most valuable production conferences for the confectionery industry. Judy exudes passion, energy and determination in everything she does and is always eager to help others and share her wealth of expertise. She is a real inspiration to those around her and I am honored to know her, learn from her and work with her.
— Administrative Director, PMCA
Technical Solutions:
Judy is an out of the box thinker. While others may gravitate towards the obvious solution, Judy’s mind is not programmed to settle on the obvious, but instead to look for the underlying issue. Often, this approach is more difficult and contains more obstacles, but once understood, this approach ensures long term success, not just a short term gain, and that is the true measure of a technical solution.

Organizational Skills:
Judy has the ability to juggle multiple balls in the air, yet not let any drop! Due to her excellent time management and organizational skills, she always stays on top of her commitments and delivers as promised.

Judy is a highly effective leader. Her vast experience has earned the respect of many in the industry and the way she leads teams is impressive. Her calm demeanor, confidence and perseverance under pressure are just a few things that make her such a great leader. She also has the capacity to bring out the best in people around her through encouragement and genuine interest and care.
— VP of R&D/QA at Global Chocolate Company
It is my great honor to have a chance of working with Judy for more than eight years at Hershey. since the first day of my journey at Hershey, I have regarded Judy as a technical mentor. She has solid knowledge in sugar candy technologies such as tableting, panning, starch and non-starch molding, hard-boiled candy, gummi, marshmallow, etc. Judy is not only good at lab work but also scaling up and commercialization in the plant. All this made her become the go-to person in the company. We worked together for Mexico, India and China. She is highly recognized by colleagues in all these countries. My time of working with Judy at Hershey is unforgettable as it is the time during which I grew fast in my career. I am very glad to have Judy become part of my career journey. When looking back, what I learned most from Judy is not technology, but the attitude and the way to handle a project. Judy is very accountable and responsible for whatever projects she was involved in, no matter if she was leading or supporting. She has strong teamwork spirit as well as strong leadership. I am glad that Judy continues to contributing to the candy industry even though she has retired. I am looking forward to working with her again.
— Sr. Director, R&D International, Global Confectionery Company
Judy is a dedicated and passionate professional who always strives for professionalism. Her contributions as my peer, counsel and friend have served to create a relationship based on honesty and trust. Judy is certainly one of the most ethical professionals I have ever worked with. That characteristic is invaluable in any business that strives for true success. I highly recommend Judy for both her professional performance and her personal behavior. I have worked with Judy for over 20 years, and she is a pleasure to work with. It should also be noted she has a cool head under pressure. I would gladly recommend Judy for her technical prowess, project management expertise and the character she displays in every aspect of her life.
— Chief Science Officer, Global Technology Company producing consumable delivery systems
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Judy for over 25 years. During this time, Judy’s extensive knowledge of confectionery formulation coupled with her team-oriented approach always yielded successful results.
— VP of Sales, Global Ingredient Company