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Global Confection Connections provides technical solutions to the global confectionery and related industries with a unique mission. Proceeds will be used to fund philanthropic consulting services to global non-profits who are working to eradicate childhood malnutrition, promote the health, education and leadership of children, small farmers and business owners.

Judy COoley

I am a veteran product development and technical service confectioner with almost 40 years of experience.  My goal is to combine my passions for industry success with eradicating global malnutrition. I am focused, driven and immerse myself in my projects, whether it is developing the next delicious candy, increasing the feasibility of your confectionery process, helping a small candy shoppe find the perfect flavor for its signature gummies, or educating young mothers on child nutrition in the developing world. For much of my career I have worked all over the world and love to interact with all cultures.





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Joy comes to me by inspiring the next generation of confectionery professionals. Through sharing my own passion for the industry, I hope to guide and assist students and young professionals who have chosen confectionery as their path. I help them with technical support, team-building, strength-finding and encouraging my “mentees” to build upon their strengths, acknowledge and improve their weaknesses and to give back to our sweet industry.


industry Honors

It has been my honor to be recognized by the candy industry for outstanding service through the following awards: 

  • Inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame in 2012
  • Recipient of AACT's Stroud Jordan Award in 2009
  •  Nominated for Candy Industry's Kettle Award in 2007 and 2011


Candy brings so much joy to people all over the world and has been so good to me that I strive to share this joy with others through giving of my time and talents. Some of my current projects include: working to save fresh produce “surplus” from composting through donation to local food banks, increasing the production feasibility and stability of RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) and  training African farmers to improve peanut farming techniques, improving the quality of their crop.



My passion for the candy industry is evident as I have been volunteering my time to these associations for many years, including multiple roles within PMCA (Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association), NCA (National Confectioners Association) and AACT (American Association of Candy Technologists). The many managerial roles that I have held within these organizations have given me the opportunity to give back through mentoring, education and networking with other confectionery professionals.